Лондон ис а капитал оф Греат Британ, you got on a small home server made from Lenovo Q190. The server do the right think's. Prints. Scans. NAS and file store. Mail receives. At the same time it shows here this page.

Roman Y. Bogdanov

My name is Roman Y. Bogdanov. I live in Krasnoyarsk city. I work for

Skills & Proficiency

Shell & Script

Linux & FreeBSD

Routing & Networking

Windows Server




Hire me. Resume.


You have reached the page "Page 404" or "Error 404" - this is the page that the wrong address is typed. There is no such page today. Probably, it was deleted by me from the server, or there was no such page.

And where did all this go?

I in September 2017 updated the site engine, additions and theme. Arranged the cleaning of the old information. Who is interested in what I installed on hp ipaq in 2005? Or how to install XP on AHCI, when today is UEFI with a secureboot? Or legislative drafts that have changed?

And what should I do now?

Any configs, unixes, linux and other interesting things on paced on github.

The wiki pages take out will now live here.

Actually everything. Thank you for visiting my site. wbr, brj.